A passionate winemaker

Luís Camacho Simões is a dynamic winemaker, both discreet and restless, always ready for a good challenge.

Born in 1977, ever since his early years the viticulture world has been a part of his life, with more than a century long family connection to wine and vineyards. He began his university education in Beja (Portugal) in Food Engineering, followed by studies in Spain, France and Italy, returning to Portugal to complete in Évora a post-graduate in Enology and Viticulture.


Being an entrepreneur by nature, Luis engaged in several activities and projects before truly breathing full-time his strong passion for vineyards. Nowadays he splits his work between viticulture and enology, though the latter is what drives best his time, energy, knowledge, experience and passion.

A production manager and much more

Pedro Santos is a young dynamic production manager, innovative and dedicated to an activity that, unexpectedly, became one of his life’s greatest passions. Graduated in Viticulture, this young entrepeneur has a key role at Quinta Brejinho da Costa, coordinating much of the vineyard and cellar tasks and managing the estate’s many properties.

A dynamic team

Manuel Barbeiro da Costa

Paula Sousa

Pedro Santos

Luís Simões

Vera Rita