Atlantic Wine Creators


From Portugal, planted by the sea, an immense frontier emerges, a platform of wonder and discovery.
Behold the old Ocean Sea. From here, half the world was opened and almost as much, in which men and ships were audacious protagonists of adventures, defying myths, writing heroic stories that still inspire us today. The Atlantic Ocean remains mysterious and transformative, being exceptional in the way we make wines in a unique geographic region in the world. Just as there are wines from valleys and volcanic areas, only Quinta do Brejinho can claim to be the creator of Atlantic wines.


Our winemaker believes


As a family business, we naturally think long term. We know that our ability to continue producing wine for many years depends on a stable climate and a healthy ecosystem. And the future of our company rests on the strength and resilience of our local communities and our employees. Enology is a way of life around contact with nature and a true love for work. The minimal intervention philosophy extends to the cellar, where small batches of grapes are carefully

handled using the latest technology, a simple, more sustainable oenology in order to obtain healthier and more perfect wines, respecting our environment. “Wine is made in the vineyard”…


The sun is the one who feeds the vineyard

The sun is the one who feeds the vineyard

We are in one of the most natural areas of Portugal and that gives us an added responsibility. The importance we give to the need to interpret soils, climates and grape varieties has led us along the organic path, in a courtship that seeks respect for the “humors” of Nature, listening to it to find the balance between biodiversity and the least invasive intervention possible.
There are 125 ha of unique beauty between forest and vineyard (40ha) we value the spontaneous flora, as a result, the native fauna make Brejinho their home. The philosophy of sustainability allows us to work with respect for the environment and in a socially fair way with everyone. The best sun in Portugal is joined by the Atlantic and sandy soil to produce perfect grapes…

Our location

All that is still authentic

All that is still authentic

Located southwest of the wonderful Portuguese coast, just 1 hour from Lisbon, in an untouched location, here you will find everything that is still authentic and genuine in the country – discover the friendliness of the local population and the magic of the tranquility of the Alentejo rhythm of life. In this region, nature reigns and the unique beauty of the flora and fauna can be observed. The Sado Estuary Natural Reserve is a nesting place for numerous birds, a maternity hospital for several species of fish and here you will also find the only resident population of dolphins in Portugal, an enchanted place, its natural white sand beach with more than 60km, and its wild dunes, surrounded by stone pines, secret lagoons, extensive rice paddies. Here time stops. We breathe serenity and we are confronted with environmental genuineness.