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Moscatel de Setúbal


Moscatel de Setúbal

Test results

With a beautiful topaz color. Aromatically it is intense and its complexity is extraordinary, highlighting fresh citrus fruit, orange blossom, noble dried fruits and honey. In the mouth it is a voluminous muscatel and at the same time fresh, almost a light sea air.


Wine produced with hand-picked and selected grapes, immediately going to the cellar, where they will be macerated in deposits for five long months together with a brandy of wine origin. Aging in French oak half barrels for at least 2 years.

Consumption Suggestion

Ideal if the option is an aperitif, serve it chilled (8 to 10oC) with roasted and slightly salted nuts. 

If the option is digestive, serve (10 to 14oC) with fresh desserts. Pear-based dessert, and chocolate and citrus desserts.

Year: 2017

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