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The slow and careful distillations in Charentais still and the years of aging in the cellar in selected barrels, give this nectar its magnificent amber color and the richness of the bouquet, being considered one of the best spirits in Portugal.   


An old wine brandy, made using the traditional production method, matured in oak casks where Port Wine has aged for decades, giving it rich and complex aromas of spices and dried fruits, distinguished by its smoothness, nobility and finish. long mouth.  

Consumption Suggestion

Enjoying a brandy with coffee, a cigar, or as a simple digestive remains part of our history. Today it can also be consumed anywhere and in multiple ways, simple, with ice, in a chilled shot glass or even diluted with a little water. The glass used plays an important role when appreciating, a glass with a narrower mouth and wider base ensures a better appreciation of the aromatic bouquet of this nectar.

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