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Technical sheet


Cabernet Sauvignon Monovarietals


Cabernet Sauvignon

Test results

Clear and shiny in appearance, it has a beautiful, energetic violet hue that is extraordinarily penetrating and appealing. On the nose it offers a tasty combination of aromas of strawberry, cherry and a slight hint of vanilla. On the palate the wine appears very soft and attractive, revealing red fruit aromas balanced with a refreshing and balanced acidity and combined with an elegant honeyed sweetness. Long and persistent aromatic finish.


Wine produced with hand-picked and selected grapes, immediately going to the cellar where they were gently pressed in order to preserve all the varietal aromas. The alcoholic fermentation was carried out in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature between 26ºC and 28ºC, in order to preserve all the elegance and aromatic characteristics. These grapes are subjected to long pre and post fermentation macerations.

Consumption Suggestion

Due to the freshness that this wine presents, it harmonizes very well with Cheese DOP - Portugal and game dishes... fresh also goes very well with several dishes of traditional cuisine.

Type: Red

Year: 2017

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