by the Atlantic wines of excellence are born

It’s at a peaceful and wild beauty landscape, where nature and tranquility merge, that the Brejinho wines are produced. Under the best portuguese sun, joined by the close Atlantic and a sandy soil, you’ll find truly unforgettable wines…


the old sea conquered

From Portugal, a seaside harvested country, an immense frontier arises, a platform of wonder and discovery.
Behold the old Ocean Sea. Half the world and almost as much more was crossed from here, where men and vessels became bold and adventurous, challenging, myths, writing heroic stories that inspire us still today. The Atlantic Ocean remains mysterious and transformative, being exceptional in how we make wine in such unique geographical place in the world. Just as there are wines from valleys and from volcanic sites, Quinta do Brejinho can claim itself as maker of Atlantic wines.

— meet our new wines —


Quinta do Brejinho

Produced by a family enterprise, the natural call to create wealth for the next generation explains the great care given to a business where every detail is important.

We uphold our dedication with responsible and sustained guidelines: beyond producing excellent wines, landscape protection and respect for the environment are keystone principles for vineyards and wine growing plantations to become a cultural practice and a tourist attraction.


At Quinta do Brejinho, the viticulture and its varieties were chosen in accordance with the land and the connection of the soil with the near sea, are marked by one strong goal: Quality.

All the work and treatment done under an integrated protection plan, ensure first quality grapes. On the other hand, low productions, controlled by pruning and bunch weedings, made with great accuracy, guarantee a top-class raw material.

Wines of excellence

The Brejinho wines are the outcome of a favourable mixture of conditions: the unique environment of the Setúbal peninsula, lots of sun, exquisite weather, an outstanding fertile sandy soil seasoned by the sea as a close dear friend — all superb conditions to grow our grapes.

— Comendador Costa —

A wine made in the image of its founder Manuel Barbeiro Costa: with forceful, irreverent, ambitious and innovative personality.

— Quinta Brejinho da Costa —

The Quinta do Brejinho wines present a strong regional character, distinctly atlantic, showing a natural freshness that lives on with time.

— Costa SW —

The Costa SW selection is remarkably fruity, with its attractive colour as the first look of a tasteful combination of aromas and palates from the portuguese Southwest (SW). Soft, fresh and penetrating with such an elegance that only a wine born by the sea can achieve.

Comendador Manuel Barbeiro Costa

Manuel Barbeiro Costa is a symbol of the willingness to grow, win and live always looking for more and better in everything he does. The awards and recognition that he receive throughout his life, are inevitable consequences of his strength and ambition.


Man of Industrial merit, born in Colmeias, Leiria. World leader in the production and export of resin derivatives for over 40 years, he created the Respol group, headquartered in Leiria (Portugal) representing today a conglomerate of 11 companies that he built and diversified with the expanding of his business, one of them gave rise to Quinta Brejinho da Costa in Grândola, Setúbal (Portugal). 


A man of forceful, irreverent, ambitious and innovative personality, is renowned for his permanent dedication, to work, to the people and to the community. 

A unique destination

To visit Quinta do Brejinho is to meet a place like no other. So unusual as our wines, this is a land that joins long beaches and fruitful sandy soils called brejinhas with a great stone pine forest. The first portuguese vessels called naus that crossed the Cape of Good Hope were built from this majestic raw material, asserting these special lands with an everlasting promise of discovery.
Visit Quinta do Brejinho and find out why we’re a unique destination!